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FPS Productions Azerbaijan is the first internationally acclaimed production company in Baku specializing in shooting for local advertising agencies and servicing international production houses/studios.
We have set up shop in this magnetic city, because we truly believe in the country's potential to become the next best thing in production. With its wealth of stunning and diverse locations, as well as its unparalleled local resources to facilitate any demand of today's commercial and film productions, Azerbaijan offers an exceptional and affordable alternative unlike any other location. 
Stemming off 15 years of international commercial/film production experience, as well as being a member of the Global Production Network and the International Quorum of Film Producers, we are well versed and connected within the production world and its systems. 
FPS Productions Azerbaijan was opened in June 2016 and now houses a fully staffed production office. Whatever your needs, we are available 24/7 to help you put together a smooth and enduring production.

Alihan Karagül

Executive Producer

Vika Mustafayeva

Office Production Coordinator

Elmeddin Aliyev

Production Manager

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Birsin Gandolfi

Line Producer

Ewa Cabaj


Elvin Manafov

Associate Producer

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Bünyamin Durgut

Head of Production

Behruz Mustafayev

Location Manager

Reyhan Isayeva

Casting Director

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