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Pre-Production and Production

We guide you through the planning stages of your production and offer the most cost and time effective ways to make your ideas come true.


If your project needs local talent, we find the right cast for the role thanks to our long-lasting collaborations with the local casting directors in Baku. We can even offer the option to bring cast from Turkey since there is no problem of receiving a visa for Turkish citizens to Azerbaijan. Due to the geographical and historical gift of these lands we have the ability to cast talent in multiple languages and our casting directors will find the most unique ethnic and diverse actors for your project.


We take your project seriously from the start. We get involved in your location scouting early on and advise you about the best location matches for your script. Azerbaijan has diverse locations with Oriental, Modern, European and Russian  architecture . Beautiful and unique locations which are not discovered by film community yet.

Visa & Filming Permits

We take charge of the filming permits and location agreements in order to secure your locations. We also guide you and your crew through the process of obtaining visas in Azerbaijan by connecting you with the best legal consultants and travel agencies. Follow the below link to fill out the initial steps of your visa application. 


Reliable gear houses with the latest equipment. Our strong relationships with the biggest rental houses in Azerbaijan make us confident about cost-effective and hassle-free equipment solutions, even for your last-minute needs. We pride ourselves on renting equipment at the best available prices all over the country.


Belonging to a group of young and dynamic filmmakers and artists in Azerbaijan, we constantly collaborate with the best local crew members and we make sure your project is in the right hands. We hire the most highly recommended individuals by other industry professionals and if there is any extra necessity we bring some other professionals from Turkey even for the last minute demands.


There are 4 seasons in Azerbaijan throughout the year. You can find alternate seasons among the country at the same time.


Since hospitality is one of our main defining traits, our team personally takes charge of making sure that you and your crew sleep comfortably knowing that you've got the best deal and the most comfortable beds.

Travel & Logistics

There are lots of options of getting to Azerbaijan with the main hub being the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku.  There are also lots of highways and local airports connecting Baku with various cities in Azerbaijan. 

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